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Sorry, sold! This is one of my favorite styles.  Would you like me to paint a similar one just for you?

Price: 250 €

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.48.02.png

The thoughtful monkey: nothing can disturb me

Yes, you may think that I am obsessed by these monkeys! 

Indeed, this is one of my favorite subjects. I've already painted 3, and it probably won't be the last one. Why?​

The end of the world.jpg

Planet Earth series: my 5 feelings through the pandemic

Here is my recent series, produced in 2020 and inspired to the pandemic.

5 paintings, 5 different emotional contexts. How would you order them?

Beats of the soul.jpg

Beats of soul: I'll never forget! 

One of my last nights in Japan, a magic reception and the amazing taiko drummers! That sounds! 

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